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The Truth About A Good Deal

Risky Online Deals Vs. Photo Booth Dallas More and more when we see something that is cheap or free we have the tendency to jump on that deal but there are times when a more expensive choice may be more prudent. In our past experience, we have received countless calls from customers who have purchased […]

How To Hire A Dallas Photo Booth Company

The best way to capture memories on your wedding day is through photography. A photo booth allows you to capture endless pictures. It sits on the reception venue making it easy for a couple to duck in for several pictures. This cubicle also caters for guests. To have one on the reception site, you need […]

Should You Consider Getting A Photo Booth At Your Wedding?

A photo booth gives a professional touch to wedding photography. It is convenient, and ensures all activities take place in the same venue. In essence, the nuptial ceremony, reception, photography session takes place within the venue. Guests can tickle into the cubicle anytime during the reception, and as many times as they want. This creates […]