The Truth About A Good Deal

Risky Online Deals Vs. Photo Booth Dallas

More and more when we see something that is cheap or free we have the tendency to jump on that deal but there are times when a more expensive choice may be more prudent.

In our past experience, we have received countless calls from customers who have purchased a photo booth rental by another metroplex company and all of a sudden the company disappears of the radar. Here is an article of just one example. At Photo Booth Dallas, a fast growing photo booth rental company, we are pleased to have customers willing to give us a chance to prove to them our exceptional service and products after having negative experiences in the past. These are our lifelong customers who tend to give us more business from friends and family.

Below are just a few “What To Look For” tips when renting a photo booth for your next event.

Looks too Good to be True?
When you see a bargain that you find hard to believe, check it out very thoroughly before you spend any money on it.



Some unscrupulous companies have been known to build up a bad rapport. Be sure to do a web search on the company. Check out the Google+, Yelp, WeddingWire, Etc. reviews for a company.

Does the Company Exist?
Especially, In matters where safety could be at risk, check things out very carefully before going for the lowest price. Extremely low prices can often mean that corners are being cut in order to still make a profit. At Photo Booth Dallas we have full liability coverage, we report our taxes, and we are registered with Dallas County along with N.A.M.E

 Size Matters

Traditional photo booths are meant for malls. Two people get in, slide a few bucks into the machine, and wait outside for the prints to develop. At Photo Booth Dallas our party booth can accommodate up to ten people. We carefully selected this configuration because we know that on your special day you want to capture everyone’s smiles.

Print Quality

Many Photo Booth Companies use ink jet printers that do not produce true lab quality prints in an effort to cut cost. At Photo Booth Dallas we use Dye Sub printers. This type of printing is what is used in photo labs. If you have attended several events with photo booths take the time to compare the images side by side. You will be surprised!


Make sure you have a signed contract from the company you choose. This is for your protection!

Back Up Procedure

Make sure the company you choose has a solid back up procedure. Ask about where your files will be stored should you lose the DVD years later. If the printer runs out of ink, what is the plan?

 At Photo Booth Dallas, we plan for everything even in the event the touchscreen display stops working.

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